Milan Design Week 2016

Miniforms messestand

"It was about Blue. It was about courage and irony. It was about fashion. It was about Art and Design and interactive art installation. It was about Mini Living - The Creative Use Of Space. It was about La Triennale di Milano. It was about Salone del Mobile and Fuorisalone."

Modus lancering på  Milano messen

På Milano messen lancerede MODUS Furniture CASPER, en taburet i 100% recycled kork, som støtter MOVEMENT ON THE GROUND med 10% af indtjeningen.
MOVEMENT ON THE GROUND er en fond, som på forholder sig til den humanitære krise som påvirker de mænd, kvinder og børn, der tvinges fra deres hjem grundet klimaændringer, fattigdom og krig.
Operationen foregår primært på øen Lesbos, ankomst sted for titusinder af mennesker, som flygter fra væbnet konflikt, fattigdom og forfølgelse, MOVEMENT ON THE GROUND arbejder med store og små velgørende organisationer, identificere behovene giver strukturel og logistisk støtte.

Casper: design Michael Sodeau

Michael Sodeau’s Casper er en simple taburet fremstillet af recycled kork. Casper har 4 huller sådan de nemt kan flyttes rundt, og de giver karakter til til den ellers simple silhuet. Den afrundede bund tillader lidt bevægelse når man sidder på den og medvirker til komfort.
Casper er udført i en natur farve,samt en mørk udgave. 


ART, ABE & ARNE: design Michael Sodeau

Art, Abe og Arn er en familie af borde med forskellig funktion,  et side- og ende bord, og et sofabord. Alle bordene er produceret i massivt recycled kork, hvor man har fjernet en stykke for at give plads til opbevaring m.m. Når bordene står sammen i en gruppe tager de hver især deres egen karakter, ens men alligevel forskellige. Art, Abe og Arne.


EDGE table designed by PearsonLloyd;

MIX-design and Per Aagaard Jepsen are proud to relaunch the EDGE table system on the Scandinavia market together with MODUS Furniture.

                                                 EAT                                                                          WORK                                                                  MEET

                                                EAT                                                                          WORK                                                                  MEET


Edge: A new era in meeting, desking, dining and collaborative working. Design studio PearsonLloyd has created a thoughtfully designed, practical range of tables, perfectly reflecting the way we work, interact and communicate throughout the day.
Simple, lightweight and refined, Edge embraces the mixed demands of the modern workplace. Whether as an independent table for meeting room, canteen or studio or linked as a work bench or touchdown area, Edge facilitates both collaboration and individual focus. Streamlined and space saving for smaller creative studios or more expansive to suit larger corporate environments, Edge can comply with the space available.
Offering enormous environmental benefits, Edge has the fewest components, a minimum of raw materials, an aluminium frame and a recycled content of 68%. Edge presents a superb design solution in which sustainability has not been compromised.
From an informal lunch gathering, to an office meeting, to concentrated deskwork, Edge offers the flexibility to function flawlessly in workplace and hospitality interiors at a competitive price point.


  • Bench
  • Studio
  • Touchdown
  • Collaboration

Edge enables smarter working through this fully customisable desking solution. Movable screens define individual work areas and reduce noise, allowing for fully concentrated work. These screens feature a pin-able surface so users can truly make desk space their own. As well as ample space for laptops, accessories such as trays and bookshelves are either freestanding or mounted onto a rail.


Canteen table

Lunchtimes need never be desk-bound again with this compact and robust dining table option. Frames are available in white, black and bespoke colours. Tabletops include various finishes to suit any scheme and have been selected to be easy to clean and maintain.


Meeting table

Edge’s unobtrusive frame and simple design makes it ideal for workplace meetings. The smart engineering of its aluminium knuckle and sturdy, extruded legs make it easy for office workers to gather around and interact. Despite its lighter, softer silhouette, referencing the domestic interior, Edge can easily withstand the rigours of the modern workplace.