Wing is a table created for working areas, but it can also fit inside a home-office or domestic environment.

It is characterized by a wooden frame inspired by the sawhorse of the working tables, and the rounded shape of the top with its contemporary lines. Defined by great flexibility, Wing can be completed with acoustic panels, a brass reading lamp and wooden or metal trays that are installed on the large central channel through a magnetic fixing system. Power supply and cable management are allocated on the same central channel. In a working environment that is increasingly oriented towards the integration of the individual into a network, the Wing table system has been developed to guarantee great flexibility and rapid adaptability to the changing needs of space organization. The acoustic padded panels allow to reconfigure the work areas passing from macro sharing environments to micro environments for the focus of the individual, creating a mood favourable to the realization of ideas. Shapes and materials have been designed to convey a feeling of wellbeing that creates a relaxed and at the same time productive environment, allowing the individual to fully live the eco-system-work.

Technical Features

  • 1. Wooden top, made of 40 mm thick MDF (30 mm for 220 version), covered with veneer; solid wood edges

  • 2. Decorated HPL top, 12 mm thick, installed on a 20 mm thick MDF support

  • 3. HPL top, white full core, 12 mm thick, installed on a 20 mm thick MDF support.

  • 4. MDF top, 40 mm thick (30 mm for 220 version), white lacquered.

Table top installed on a steel beam fixed to solid wood legs.

Table top is available in oakwood or american walnut, in white full core HPL or white lacquered MDF. Legs are in natural or white oakwood and in american walnut.


Blade is a family of tables available in several options (with squared, oval or round top) and consolles.

Defined by a very light appeal and a smooth top in solid wood or black varnished glass with a soft shape and edges. The profile looks natural, thin and sharp at the same time; this creates an apparent contrast between the massif look of the material and its thin shape. The supporting structure in varnished metal, generated by the very same search for lightness, is inspired by traditional operative drawing and work tables.


Technical features:

  • 1. Veneered MDF top

  • 2. Varnished steel tubular structure

  • 3. Adjustable rubber feet

  • 4. Solid wood edge

  • 5. Multilayer wooden frame

Varnished steel tubular structure, veneered MDF top with solid wood edge, 20mm top thickness.