Inspired by the dynamic forms of biogenetics, the DNA modular bench consists of a single element of curved wood plywood, assembled specularly.

The result is an appealing piece of furniture with a particular helix shape, each step of which corresponds to a seat suitably separated from the others. DNA is also available in a version upholstered in leather or fabric. Thanks to its adaptability and sturdy craftsmanship, DNA is the perfect addition for hospitality settings like lobbies, lounges and guestrooms. DNA is also available in the upholstered collection, in fabric or leather.

Multilayer beechwood structure, 18 mm thick, finished with oak wood or wengè. Connection system of each element by lasercut steel link. DNA bench is available also in a special edition where the front and top part of the bench are completely padded and upholstered.

Technical Features:

  • 1. Wooden frame

  • 2. Upholstery

  • 3. High resistance foam



Millepiedi is characterized by a modern and minimal design and develops a concept of functionality and flexibility in a wide range of configurations and dimensions.

The contemporary design develops in a wide range of configurations and dimensions a conceptual idea based on functionality and flexibility, combined with high end details. The importance of the quality is translated into a vibrant union of design and craftsmanship experience, enhanced by a constant research in details and finishings.


Technical Features:

  • 1. Steel frame

  • 2. Wooden seating support

  • 3. Polyurethane foam

  • 4. Upholstery

  • 5. Wooden table

Steel beam frame, powder coated, with laser cut legs; main structure of seat and backrest in multilayer beechwood, with natural oakwood veneer; padded in polyurethane high density foam, upholstered with fabric and leather.



A new, unusual and hybrid item with clean lines and an essential shape: a multiple seat product, halfway between a bench for seating and a fence for leaning for a short recharge break.

With compact dimensions and a vertical development up to 60 cm, E-QUO is equipped with electrical wiring and USB ports suitable for all electronic devices; created for a temporary stop in a semi-erect position allows you to recharge your laptop and tablet providing a point of support to write a quick note, make a phone call or navigate comfortably from your device.