A collection of sound-absorbing dividing panels able to guarantee privacy without isolating from the surrounding environment.

The self-supporting structure allows the integration of individual elements that can rotate freely on themselves, opening and closing as required. The module, in addition to ensuring acoustic comfort, is suitable for rhythming and furnishing workplaces, open spaces, hotel lounges, but also private homes.

Pincettes is a set of open dividers that offers many ways to isolate without encasing the users, respecting their habits when it's break time.

The construction logic is very simple and is designed to create small islands of peace within the work environment, where you can rest, read, chat or take a break in privacy. The module is composed by a thermoformed polyester fiber bearing with two layers of fabric, clamped inside a solid wood structure mounted on a pedestal of raw concrete. Pincettes, conceived as a design partition with acoustic purpose, easily adapts to any type of space, thanks also to the different conformations and the possible chromatic variables.